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ZYIA Active

I teamed up with ZYIA Active after placing my initial order and being thrilled with the product I received.  ZYIA Active is a dream business for me;  I’ve always wanted to own my own activewear store and it’s a great fit with who I am and what I love.  With my corporate wellness and wellness coaching business, I have tried to inspire and help women live their healthiest life possible.  Promoting a brand that believes in the same thing is a perfect match for me.  My hope for this business is for women to be inspired by the activewear we sell and to go out there and be active.  I want other women to know how good it feels to be fit and healthy; and with ZYIA Active, I can help them look great in their workout gear!

With this business, I want to mentor and train people to own their own activewear business as well. If you or anyone you know wants to set up their own shop, get activewear at a discount and have some fun running a business they love, please get in touch with me!

To check out the catalog and all of the options ZYIA offers, follow this link:


By hosting a party (either in person or on-line, you can get a significant discount off your wish list and a credit to pick out some items for free! Women, wine and leggings are a great combination!

Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to helping you feel fit, healthy and look great too!

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