Karen Kelly Wellness


Hey - thanks for checking out my website!  I'm Karen.

If you are looking for solid information and strategies to help you transform your health, lose weight, improve your energy levels and age as gracefully as possible, I can show you how you can do that, without spending hours in the kitchen or gym OR without giving up all of your favourite foods!

I understand that changing old habits is not easy, and it will look different for everyone. Through my own experiences, I know that when you have a health coach in your corner and you are ready to commit, change is possible. I take the journey to better health and well-being seriously, but also believe in having fun and never feeling deprived.  A healthy lifestyle includes balance and I manage that part very well!

My goal is to build relationships with my clients and make a true difference in their lives, by educating and inspiring them to stay on their journey of good health.  Too often, goals can be attained, but an 'old way of life' resurfaces and old habits return.

I want to empower the women I work with to take small steps every day to improve their health.

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I have been involved in the health and wellness industry since 2003, after quitting my job as a Regional Manager at a large insurance company.  After working several years as a personal trainer, I started running corporate wellness programs.  I have coordinated wellness programs for numerous corporations with 10 – 20,000 employees.  The programs included 1-1 health coaching, lunch and learns, workshops and team challenges, as well as other activities that raised the awareness of healthy behaviours.

I've been interested in health as long as I remember, but I haven't always practiced what I preach.  There were many years when I would eat what I wanted and work out like crazy, putting my body through punishing workouts to stay slim. I would have a few too many cocktails on the weekend, indulge in pizza and various treats and then cut back drastically on Monday. I would teach fitness and run half marathons without thinking about how I was fueling my body.

Whether it was the wisdom that comes with age or education, I have a much more balanced approach to health now.  And, I realize that healthy eating is 80% of the battle.   I'm a real advocate of eating REAL food and being REAListic; setting goals that make sense and are attainable.  Moving more, paying attention to the amount of sleep you get, managing stress levels and your mindset are all other parts of the equation.

I love being active and I particularly love my HIIT workouts at Orange Theory, hiking, golf and yoga.  I also love ice cream, wood-oven pizza, Super Soul Sundays and spending time with my family.

Work with me and together we will slowly implement solutions to create lasting change. We all deserve to feel good, and I am committed to guiding you to optimal health!